1 truck solar showers 528 pieces new

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1 truck solar showers 528 pieces:

Solar energy ensures hot water at 60 °C.

Key selling points:

- The water from your garden is heated by the sun in the 20 liters

HDPE tank warmed up.

- One filling is enough for the whole family - up to 5 showers are possible.

- Warm water is already after 30 minutes, depending on the sunlight


Supporting reasoning:

- Mix warm and cold water with the shapely faucet just like you

wish it.

- Enjoy your shower in nature.

- Simply drain the water from the tank over the winter months.

Scope of delivery:

1 x solar shower

1x shower head

1 * Connection Adapter

fastening material

Product Details:

20 liter water tank


PVC, brass, aluminium, plastic, chrome-plated

Total height: approx. 220cm



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