33 pallets of Ritos NEW GOODS Wireless gong LED spotlight with earth spike LED downlight lamps Lumin

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We offer 33 pallets of Ritos new goods

It includes:

- 657 QL radio gong 1 family

- 432 pcs.Batt.LED spot small BWM IP20si

- 120 pcs.Baton Slim LED 2 x 10W white

- 683 pcs.Baton Pro LED 14W white

- 240 pcs.LED panel light 30x30

- 221 pcs. Profi Line LED 1x20W white

- 413 pcs. Grid construction Profi Line 28W alu

- 210 pcs. LED pendant light Touch

- 240 pcs.LED downlight 16W

- 1,744 St LED beam.6x0.5W Erds.1f Count

Price 24.999 EURO net sales


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