21 pallets of BBQ smoking chips and grill lighters

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21 pallets of BBQ smoked chips and grill lighter for a special grill and smoked aroma

this item includes:

BBQ smoking chips walnut wood 600g

BBQ smoked chips tasting set
3 sample bowls:
Whiskey flavor 115 g
Cherry flavor 90g
Walnut flavor 80g

    100% natural origin
    suitable for all grilling and smoking devices
    Handpicked - without bark
    without the addition of chemical substances
    smoky grill flavor
    low wood moisture

and also individually packed

Whiskey flavor 115 g

Cherry flavor 90g

Walnut flavor 80g

9 pieces of eco-kindling disks

    Made of natural wood and wax
    Safe to use
    Burns for up to 20 minutes


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